Trinity's Ministries
  • Our Deacon Board ministers to our Church Family at Home and in nursing home care, and the bereaved and those in need.
  • Presbyterian Women is a ministry of many missions supporting the mission of the church at the local, presbytery, synod levels and church-wide.  Programs include hosting Essex County Hospital Center's behavioral health patients for a home cooked Christmas dinner and program,  an Adopt a Family Program, Red Cross Cookie Drive, Prison Ministry, Montclair Camp Fund, and various mission projects locally and in the world where there is a need. 
  • Presbyterian Men supports the mission of the church and participates in local mission programs such as outreach into the community for those in need by providing Thanksgiving dinners to those in need and hosting and assisting with special programs in the church. A ministry unto itself that provides positive male role models and spirituality that extends well beyond Trinity.
  • The Spiritual Life Committee meets as a group to pray for the church, those in need and the world and  prayer requests.They also support the Pastor in healing and wholeness services.
  • The Youth Ministry is a vibrant, creative, refreshing ministry that is led by the church's Christian Education leadership.  The ministry with the oversight of the Pastor develops leadership skills in the church and gives opprtunities for our children to shine utilizing their musical  and dramatic  talents.  Participate in Sunday School, youth-led worship,Trinity Youth Group(TYG) and many more activities!
  • The Youth Choir is led under the direction of June Jennings Youth Director.  It is one of our newest ministries that is growing in leaps and bounds.  Our children are given the opportunity to showcase their talents.
  • The Liturgical Dance Group is a new and exciting addition to the youth ministry program. The program is led by Deacon Deirdre McLaughlin.
  • The Evangelism Committee spreads the good news and reaches out to those looking for a church home that will meet their needs.The committee provides spiritual feeding to the members and friends in the congregation.  Each Sunday the congregation is welcomed and give the passing of the peace. 
  • Our Music Ministry consists of an Adult Choir that is staffed by a dedicated group who provide a tremendous service to our church each Sunday. Please consider participating in  the Adult Choir or in the Youth or special  Men's or Women's Choirs.  Additional members are needed to build our Music Ministry. 
  • The Senior Ministry is one of our newer ministries that is very active with a host of activities that includes luncheons, programs and trips.  This group is comprised of members from the congregation and community..

Our Church's Evangelism Mission is to help people discover through worship, the righteousness of God in Christ; educate them to be disciples through worship, prayer and bible study; enable them to become active stewards; provide for them Christian fellowship; walk with them on a journey of faith and Christian living; tell people our faith stories as described in “the Great Commission” biblical scripture: Matthew 28:16-20; witness to them about the promise of God’s Kingdom, and love everyone as God first loved us, passing God’s love from one life to another.